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    I am trying to set up the http origin feature. I followed the tutorial and am using akamai to accelerate the http parts. I can the IOS to play using the accelerated links.

    I now need to know whether there is true acceleration happening, i.e. that there isnt repeated requests for the same media from wowza but I having trouble with visibility as IOS doesnt excatly let you see waht going on under the lid.

    What would you recommend to see the requests being received at the origin (wowza doesnt log indivual chunk requests) and also the shape of the manefest xml as it leaves wowza, using wget doesnt help much. Is there a method or tool out there?

    windows or mac.



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    To log all chunks add maxChunkLogCount Property set to "0" in the Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizer Properties container


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    With normal http streaming, without http origin enabled, every single connection to the Wowza server creates a session on the server. Configured like this, a http reverse proxy would not be able to relay or cache the streams because of the separate sessions.

    When http origin is enabled, there is just 1 session for each stream and each connection uses the same session. The http reverse proxy will forward requests to Wowza. Using the iOS example, all requests for the playlist.m3u8 & chunklist.m3u8 will be forwarded to the Wowza server. The reason is that these are dynamic requests. If the proxy has caching enabled then it will cache the http chunks reducing the load on the Wowza server because it only needs to make 1 request for each chunk. This is similar to how the edge - origin configuration works with using Wowza for all the http streaming.

    If the http proxy does not have caching enabled or it is not configured correctly for streaming then every request for the chunks will also be forwarded which is not good. Please note that simply turning on reverse proxy & caching on an apache server will not work as the default cache settings on apache will not cache the chunks because they are too large.

    To see what is actually happening, you need to look at the logs on the proxy server. or look at the outgoing bandwidth on the Wowza server. The Wowza logs will only show the single connection from the proxy.


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