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Thread: Looking for CHUNKED HTTP Example

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    Default Looking for CHUNKED HTTP Example


    I want to do something very simple-- I want to stream data to Wowza using simple Chunked HTTP

    On the client I just want to open a chunked HTTP socket, and write data to it. On the Wowza side I want to catch the chunks as they come in and process them.

    Here's some example Android code for the kind of client I want to write

       HttpURLConnection urlConnection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
       OutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream(urlConnection.getOutputStream());
    Is this easy with Wowza?

    If so, is there some nice simple example code I can look at.

    Many thanks
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    No, sorry, input of this type is not supported in Wowza


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    Many thanks for the quick response Richard,

    My company is already using Wowza for our product written in Flash. This product records audio and streams it from the browser to Wowza where we process it with custom code.

    I am developing an Android and iOS version of our product, and would like to stay with Wowza for our server.

    The Android and iOS product will be custom code, where we will be controlling the microphone and encoding of the audio. However, the transmission is just simple streaming. We just want to get the data from one end to the other with the least delay. We don't need to do anything fancy.

    What support does Wowza have for user defined audio streams? Is there something easy we can do?

    I was just reading the User Guide Chapter 8 "Extending Wowza Media Server 3.5 Using Java", in particular "HTTPProvider Classes"

    Do these allow me to create a custom HTTP interface?


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    I'm not sure what to suggest. Wowza specs are here:

    There are advanced examples here:

    I don't think HTTPProviders are going to be useful, but maybe:


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