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Thread: I Need to transrate only one of my two rtmp Streams

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    Default I Need to transrate only one of my two rtmp Streams

    Hello everyone, I have a question;
    I want to make my live events available on all platforms, so I'm encoding via Flash Media Encoder 2 Bitrates, one for HD (2100 kbps, 1280x720), and another for android systems for less than 2.2 OS, (200kbps 320x180).

    The transcoder addon transrating the two streams, and I wanted for transrating just one Stream (the HD), because transrating both streams leaving my servedr on a very high CPU consumption.
    Is possible to tell the transcoder addon to make transrate only a specific stream(HD), and ignore the second stream(for rtps, android)?
    Please help me, thanks!
    or, is possible to convert a group of only one birrate to play via rtsp android?
    Thanks in Advance!
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    This is how to do this with the Wowza API:

    Note that we plan to add this to the pre-built Wowza Modules collection very soon so that it is configurable, so you don't have to build in the Wowza IDE, but at present that is what is necessary. It that will be next week because of US holiday.


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    Hi themenace,

    Your high CPU consumption when you add the second stream is likely caused because your transcoder template is set to transrate the 200kbps 320x180 stream to higher bitrates. Instead try sending only the one HD stream from FMLE, then transcode/transrate one of the renditions down to 200kbps 320x180. You can reference this rendition individually for playback on your Android clients. Simply do not include that rendition in your main StreamNameGroup if you do not want to... for instance, if it is a different aspect ratio.

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    Thank you for your attention and Richard Randall, I'll try these methods

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