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Thread: How to overwrite Dvr or Http play method

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    Default How to overwrite Dvr or Http play method


    I want to restream a stream from rtsp link like rtsp://xxxx/live/ch0 on dvr.

    Problem :

    On stream manager :

    start receving a stream that's name is "rtsp://xxxx/live/ch0"

    OSMF player:

    play link must be like : http://wowza-address:1935/appname/rt...nifest.f4m?DVR

    But it is not playable.

    So i have to use stream name alias. But i dont know how to overwrite http play method.

    I overwrite ModuleBase play method and i can smoothly play

    PHP Code:
    public void play(IClient clientRequestFunction function,
    AMFDataList params) {
    String streamName getShoutcastServerUrl(getParamString(paramsPARAM1));
    streamName != null){
    getLogger().info("Client Accepted");
    invokePrevious(client, function, params);
    getLogger().warn("Client Rejected : stream name can not resolved.");

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    Create a text file with a .stream extension in the /content folder and make the contents "rtsp://xxxx/live/ch0". Is it a camera? You might call it Then start the stream in StreamManager with the name "" and use that to playback

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    I did it but this method not automated . I want to create a stream when a customer request to stream a rtsp or rtmp live content. In this way file creation is automated event.

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    It is not possible to start such streams on the fly for HTTP clients, so it won't work for the OSMF client.

    For RTMP or RTSP clients, if that is all you are going to serve, you can use StreamType "rtp-live".

    But the client cannot just play some alias stream name that is not associated with a source unless it is pre-defined in a .stream file or with the StreamNameAlias addon, or at least stored somewhere like a db that you can query using IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2


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