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Thread: ffmpeg encoding to wowza with multiple files

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    Default ffmpeg encoding to wowza with multiple files


    We're just getting started testing Wowza and haven't seem to found a solution to this yet.

    We have a variety of movies in various formats. We use ffmpeg to encode these to mp4. Currently, we wait until the encoding is complete, in order to play them through JWPlayer.

    We'd like to have wowza read the MP4 output from ffmpeg to play while encoding. I've seen examples for live streaming, but it doesn't seem to address how to handle multiple files on demand. We may have 100 or 1000 ffmpeg commands running for individual files, each one would need a unique URL from Wowza, which ideally we would define in our ffmpeg command, by parameter or something?

    Any suggestions/documents or comments that might get us on the right path.

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