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Thread: Amazon video live chat and latency

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    Default Amazon video live chat and latency


    We have build a video chat application for one of our clients. In the video chat application two persons to video chat with each other and can record the video chat. Currently we have the wowza server located at ower own IPS in the Netherlands. The Wowza server are not VM's.
    Our client wants also to service people in Azia/Australia. Due to the latency of the internet between the Netherlands and Azia/Australia a good video chat is not possible.
    So we are looking into the possibility to hiring an Amazon Instances located in the Azia/Australia.
    Low latency is very important for the application. So does Amazon VM's and the Amazon network add much latency to the video signal? And are there any other problems we can expect with Amazon?

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    You have to test. There is a new Australian region: "Asia Pacific (Sydney)".


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