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Thread: ModuleLiveStreamRecord defaults to .flv format

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    Default ModuleLiveStreamRecord defaults to .flv format


    I am trying to get the sample ModuleLiveStreamRecord to record in .mp4 format. I'm using FMLE encoder with H.264 video and AAC for audio. I'm streaming my webcam locally to my local developer instance of Wowza. No matter what I do, the format always comes in as .flv (format value of 1 in the ModuleLiveStreamRecord.recordStream(..) method call. I can tell this because I've setup breakpoints in this method. My URL is "rtmp://localhost:1935/live" and my stream name is "test_stream". I've tried preceding the stream_name with mp4: (mp4:test_stream) but this doesn't work either.

    How can I get the ModuleLiveStreamRecord to save files in .mp4 when using the FMLE encoder?



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    Just as a follow up, the settings for FMLE are correct for recording to .mp4 container. The reason it was always defaulting to .flv format is because I was using the LiveStreamRecordSampleModule client, LiveStreamRecord.html. The embedded flash client was calling the ModuleLiveStreamRecord.startRecording(..) method passing in parameters to use .flv format. You can call the recordStream(..) method, passing in the params for the desired container format.

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