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    Dear Team,

    We are trying to build a sip2Rtsp client for video playback on the sip client. after the RTSP setup issued to wowza server from sip2rtsp client on receiving the sipinvite, i am able to see the below lines

    INFO server comment - RTPUDPTransport.bind[vod/_definst_]: in: out:/
    INFO server comment - RTPUDPTransport.bind[vod/_definst_]: in: out:/

    Here the rtpTransport is binding to rtspClient ip and hence the rtp packets are sent to rtsp client which is acting as a proxy, instead we want to wowza to bind to sip Clients IP and port ports which are generated as a part of sip invite SDP for media and audio.

    i tried setting the destination with sip client IP in the transport header, but no luck.

    What we should sent in the rtsp setup so that is binds to sipClients ip?

    Please let me know if u need more inputs.
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