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Thread: push to akamai .m3u8

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    Default push to akamai .m3u8

    I can't seem to find an answer on the forums here, so I figured I'd come out and ask my question.

    Can I use Wowza to push segmented video files to my akamai-hd?

    Does this make sense? Akamai requires a separate encoder for ios delivery, I am wondering if I can use wowza to 'restream' a rtmp stream to this ios specific?

    And if wowza isn't possible does anybody know of any other solutions. I've work with Kulabyte in the past and did not get great results.


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    You can not push iOS segments to Akamai however you can turn on the HTTP origin functionality in Wowza so Akamai can get them.

    See the following article

    Most CDNs are capable of using this feature so it would be surprise if Akamai are not.


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