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Thread: URGENT - I am in trouble with one issue and my site is live

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    Default URGENT - I am in trouble with one issue and my site is live

    Things were working fine earlier. But now I am having a problem.

    I have a flash recorder which allows recording and saves the video using rtmp path on my wowza server. Btw, I have a dedicated server with Hostgator.

    The problem is the recorder works fine, however when I play the preview video at the same time, it plays the video with random pauses. But if I publish the video, and through my php program, that video is converted and stored on a S3 bucket, then I play it using jwPlayer, it works perfectly fine.

    I tried many options and people, all suggested that it is a problem of wowza.

    Can someone please advise. Here is the link to my recorder Please try recording, and at the same time, (before publish) play the video to see preview.

    Looking for help.


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    Please send a request to with details of the problem. This will open a ticket on the support help desk. Please include as much information as possible including code snippets or src files and a description of how it works or should work. Also please zip up your Wowza conf & logs folders and include so that we can see what your current configuration is. Please include a link to this forum thread for reference.

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