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Thread: Tech support needed with displaying synthesized files

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    Default Tech support needed with displaying synthesized files

    Hi everyone,

    I am wrestling this one for 2 days now. Would appreciate some help.

    I have a Wowza server on EC2, with a S3 mount. It plays video files captured on my iPad or iPhone just fine.

    So far everyone is happy. What I am trying to achieve is synthesize a video with a static "Video is about to start" text and have Wowza display it. I've failed to acheive this one.

    I've used Windows Movie Maker to create a .WMV file and tried converting it to .MOV (with more than one converter), .3gp, and .3g2.

    Each of these video instances either doesn't play at all (i.e. the playlist skips it) or plays without sound nor visuals (i.e. there is a time period exactly video's duration where nothing is played).

    How do I go around having a video file that starts out as a .WMV file play on Wowza?

    Yuval Cohen

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    If you wanted the same pre-roll every time you could convert the entire file to be .wmv by adding the content file after the pre-roll in Windows movie maker then convert as 1 to mp4 or flv (most common).
    You wouldn't need a play list then because you have molded the them both into 1 file. However this means converting all your content which wouldn't be ideal (always have a backup copy if you try this!).

    I would recommend putting 2 mp4 files together rather than converting it twice if you have something other than windows movie maker (it may also be easier to do and faster).

    The other way of doing it is to change the links to your content which will then point to your playlist and have both files in the playlist.
    If your struggling to get .mov files to play try another file type.

    Find a list of file types that can be played in Wowza is below:

    FLV (Flash Video - .flv)
    MP4 (QuickTime container - .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2)
    MP3 (.mp3)
    PIFF (.ism, .ismc, .ismv, .isma)


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    Also, you might try Expression 4 Encoder

    If Flash RTMP clients only, you can use this technique


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