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Thread: Merge Audio & Video on 3.5?

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    Unhappy Merge Audio & Video on 3.5?


    We have a solution in place at the moment where we take x number of cameras, but only 1 has audio attached. These streams are then transcoded to HLS and played live to the iOS device.

    Trying to sync the Audio only from one camera to the other feeds is a complete nightmare.

    I am wondering if 3.5 offers the ability to take the audio from one camera and merge it with the video of another. Or if there are some other server alternatives we could put in place between the IP camera and the end user.


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    There is not such a feature at present. I think it is a possible future feature, but am not sure and have no time frame. VLC has something called Mosaic that will combine video/audio streams that might help.


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