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Thread: Thread dies in a few hours

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    Default Thread dies in a few hours

    Hi all,

    we have developed a custom live stream module that has a thread witch reads a xml every 5 seconds and according to that xml it allows connections or disconnects/rejects connections by storing a value in a property file. The thread is instantiated in the onAppStart event (the property file is read in the "onConnect" event) and the and for a few hours everything runs perfect , but after that it doesn't run anymore. After restart everything is good again. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

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    I have seen thread issues with openJDK which do not happen with the Oracle Java, not sure the cause, as it is still something I look at now and then.

    Are you using openJDK ? if so try Oracle JDK.

    Of course it may simply be a bug in your thread which is causing it to die. Try adding a try/catch block and see if you can trap the error on the thread.


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    thank you for the response,

    we are using openJDK 1.7.0_09 and the thread run method has a while inside and inside it the is just a try/catch block, i'll try to use the oracle jdk.

    thank you again

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