Hi everyone,

So today I got most of my setup working. I have Wowza Media Server 3 on EC2. Streams are being controlled via an http provider.

Videos show just fine both on rtmp and http, at least some of the time.

It happens inconsistently but some of the time, over cupertino streaming, I get audio-only streaming or sometimes I get no-audio and only gibberish on screen (I think it's key frames only). This same file works other times.

I am running on a small EC2 instance which does nothing but serve the 1-5 streams I am toying with. I also tried stressing the system to see whether it has something to do with load but this issue also happens on the first stream after the Wowza server restarts.

Lastly the access/error logs don't show anything suspicious that I can tell when this happens.

That's all I have right now, I will appreciate some intuition on the subject. What should I check/test?

And once everything is working and I can quietly release, I'll write a neat conclusion to each of the threads I openned on this board which were resolved so far.

Please help, and thanks!

Yuval Cohen