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Thread: JConsole not showing wowza when running as Service (3.5 on 2008R2)

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    Default JConsole not showing wowza when running as Service (3.5 on 2008R2)

    I already had this problem with version 3.1.1 - only when running the server in interactive mode was I able to get the Wowza bootstrap thingie in JConsole. Swiched to service and all I get is the sun.tool.jconsol.JConsole local process. I played wiht enable JMX and other stuff I read in the instructions, but no change.

    Same now on version 3.5. System is a Server 2008 R2 enterprise Edition, perpetural Edition Wowza 3.5.0 with Trancoder license installed. I changed the account the Wowza service runs under from System to a local admin account, but no change. Everything seems to work fine, but I have no way to monitor the server. In fact, since version 3.5, I can't even see a console when running it as an interactice program from the start menu - it just fires up the service. Do I have to completely disable the service, not just stop and set to manual startup, so that I can run the console version?

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    I tested JMX/JConsole stand-alone, service and running Wowza IDE (on Windows 7) and all worked.

    Did you try running /bin/startupJConsole.bat /bin/startupJConsole.vbs ?


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    I am running straight from the start menu:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Media Server 3.5.0\bin\startupJConsole.bat"

    whcih starts in

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Media Server 3.5.0\bin\"

    screen recording from the server in question

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    Here are the steps:

    You have to use the service url that is shown in the /conf/Server.xml file where you enable JMX. Enter it in the remote box:


    auth: admin/admin


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    this works, thanks.

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