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    Default Wowza acceptance test

    Hi all,

    The developer company gonna provide us with an entire online TV system including the encoders, wowza streaming servers and web/applications. As usual, we have to perform the acceptance test before receiving it. Do you guys have any suggestion about what test cases we should use for the process? Should I test the system based on performance of particular modules/protocols: RTMP/HDS/HLS/RSTP protocol, module/function that supports sending streams to CDN, module/function that supports multiple adaptive bitrate etc... (any other module/functions should I work with)???

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    Well a job like this requires many tests before you can be sure it's at a standard that's acceptable.
    I suggest you get some help from the independent consultants of which you can get the list from Wowza's support team -

    Suggested tests:
    The quality of the encoders
    Server loadtesting
    Using .stream files (origin/edge configuration)

    Are the encoders sending multiple bitrates or will you need to use the Wowza transcoder AddOn?
    Are you running a [TVShowName] +1 service? - This will require testing Live-record or nDVR.

    I think some help would be a step in the right direction as this is a big project.


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