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Thread: "Buffering" appears at end of VOD movie

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    Default "Buffering" appears at end of VOD movie

    Hello, at the end of every VOD movie (just a single movie not a playlist) I get "Buffering" on the playback window. I'm using HTTP streaming over port 80. This happens whether I use the OSMF player or FloPlayer. The videos themselves play fine, its just that they always end with "Buffering".

    Probably related to this, I wanted to have a video Autoloop. When I select that in the OSMF player setup tool, it never works. The video ends and I get the "Buffering" in the playback window.

    I'm using Wowza server version 3.1.2. I'm a novice with Wowza so I'd appreciate any help with my two problems.

    EDIT: The videos are encoded via Adobe Media Encoder CS6 at 720x480 H.264 Level 3.0, 2 Pass VBR Target of .85Mbps and Max 1.25Mbps, AAC 192kbps 48kHz stereo.
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