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Thread: Turning off recording ... and poor frame rate on str

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    Default Turning off recording ... and poor frame rate on str

    Hi all.

    We're re-streaming video from an IP camera. It worked wonderfully when the trial version of Wowza was installed on my Mac.

    Two days ago, we setup an Amazon instance on EC2, and installed Wowza. We're seeing two problems:

    1. I can't view the stream on my iPad. The log file has this error:
    java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: File is missing 'moov'

    Apparently, this happens if you "Attempt to stream a file while it is being recorded." But...I didn't turn on recording. In Stream Manager, I set the type to RTP, not RTP-live.

    What's wrong and how can I change things?

    2. The more important problem -- when Wowza was on my lowly 5-year old iMac, the performance was terrific -- close to 30fps even when I tested with 12 clients.

    Now that it Wowza is on a beefier server (albeit, at Amazon), frame rate is sometimes wonderful, but more often, it's very jerky (perhaps 1 frame/sec) -- and that's with only 1 client.

    You can see the live stream on a test page that's available 7am EST to 9pm EST.

    What would you suggest I do to diagnose this?


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    Sounds like the Application.xml you are using has StreamType "default". It should be "live" (or possibly "rtp-live" if you are only serving Flash RTMP clients)


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    Hi Richard. I changed Application.xml to "live" but I still get the 'missing moov atom' message when I try to connect via my iPad.

    That problem can wait, but the frame rate problem is pressing. I successfully got 5 simultaneous clients connected this morning with beautiful frame rates, but then after about 5 minutes, the frame rate got jerky, and the video would freeze up.

    Can you suggest anything specific to look for in the error logs, or other ways to diagnose this problem?


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    For IPad you have to add "cupertinostreamingpacketizer" to the Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers

    For choppy playback you may have to reduce bitrate. However if the problem is closely correlated with number of clients then there is probably a bandwidth bottleneck somewhere.


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