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Thread: Wowza update to version 3.5

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    Default Wowza update to version 3.5


    I recently upgraded my wowza server to version 3.5. Now several API Calls do not work in the same way as they did before
    IHTTPStreamerSession.shutdown does not terminate the current stream. How is it possible to disconnect a http client. IHTTPStreamerSession.rejectSession ?

    I used to monitore the publish event of a new live stream in the following way, which does not work anymore. Is there somekind of doc which interfaces have changed or am I doing sth else wrong?

    PHP Code:
        public void onStreamCreate(IMediaStream stream)

    IMediaStreamActionNotify2 actionNotify = new StreamListener();

    WMSProperties props stream.getProperties();
    synchronized (props)
    StreamListener implements IMediaStreamActionNotify2
    void onPublish(IMediaStream streamString streamNameboolean isRecordboolean isAppend)

    void onUnPublish(IMediaStream streamString streamNameboolean isRecordboolean isAppend)

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    From the code you have posted you have not shown how you are getting HTTP Session.

    There are no changes to the way the interfaces work with the code you have posted.


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    And IHTTPStreamerSession.rejectSession() was always the correct way to end a session.


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