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Thread: Server Won't Start After Move

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    Default Server Won't Start After Move

    I am moving to a new server and trying to test. The /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer-3.0.5 folder has been moved to the new server and Java installed.

    I am trying to start with these commands.

    /sbin/service WowzaMediaServer start


    service WowzaMediaServer start

    Either way I get an "unrecognized service" error.

    I probably thought this move would be too easy and skipped a step or two or three.

    I notice my original server has a shortcut to "WowzaMediaServer" that does not exist on the new server.

    Or could it be a licensing issue?

    I hope someone please help me navigate this move?

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    You just have to install Wowza with the installer.


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    Got it.


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