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Thread: Timed Text for Android 4.1 (and above)

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    Default Timed Text for Android 4.1 (and above)

    Android has added a TimedText object as of its 4.1 Jelly Bean release.

    We were able to implement a handler for the timed text in Android; however, I'm not sure what type of data/event it is actually listening for, and whether that can be sent via Wowza in a format that can be recognized by Android. I've tried both the flash (onTextData from the ModulePublishOnTextData) and ID3 approaches (as we are streaming HLS to Android 3.0 and above), but no events are being fired.

    Does anybody know how to send out timed text so that it can be caught by Android's TimedText listener?

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    We are looking at it, but it is an early stage. We hope to support this Android feature in some way but I do not have any details or time frame


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    Any news on this?

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