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Thread: Big delay and some problem about netsream operation

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    Exclamation Big delay and some problem about netsream operation

    We develop real time chatting program with Wowza

    We always establish an audio net connection. On this net connection we publish stream and receive streams.

    So many streams will share one net connection.

    Recently we have found some users have a really big delay. We found suddenly the buffer length will increase to 10-30 seconds. We have done all settings to eliminate delay. It's really impossible to have so big delays.

    Why we have a so big delay? Does the Wowza server buffer the audio? We have set max buffer as 3 seconds on the server.

    Then we have to automatically clear the buffer length. When we find buffer length of one stream is more than 3 seconds,we close the stream to clear the buffer and reconnect

    We find if one member has big delay, we will clear bufferlegnth of one stream. But we find all students' audio will be delayed or broken.

    So one stream operation will have an impact on other stream.

    If publish stream and receive stream share the same netconnetion, when we close the receive stream. dose it have impact on publish stream on the same netconnetion?

    Is it because they share the same netconnetion or Wowza server's problem.

    It's really unstalbe when we use Wowza to implement real time chatting program.
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    I think the buffering is being done on the client not Wowza.
    Try using one netconnection per stream as this may resolve your issue.

    You could also be experiencing a bandwidth issue.
    For example:
    If you are sending one audio stream at 64 kbps but listening to 10 at the same bitrate you will need to be able to receive 640 kbps.


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    I think it's not bandwdith problem. They have good bandwith

    We developed conference system. It's very difficult to use one netconnection for one stream.

    In a meeting , for example , if you have 8 speakers. It will be 8 netconnections for one person. So totally 8X8 connection for a meeting.

    So you have to share netconnetion.

    It's a little slow to start an tcp connection. So we have to keep netconnection in the meeting.

    When we use UDP do the audio, it's easy to use one udp connection to receive all members' audio.

    So I don't know if it's ok to share the netconnection between multiple streams. It depends on Wowza server implementation.

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    Can you not have 2 netconnections, 1 to receive audio and 1 to send audio?
    This may remove the buffering issue and possibly allow the client to manage the connections better.


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