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Thread: Creating lots and lots of thumbnails for a live chat site

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    Default Creating lots and lots of thumbnails for a live chat site

    Im looking for the ability to make lots and lots of thumbnails of 100s or thousands of live chat streams. Im still in the process of planning out what to use.

    I read this article - and at first the http provider seemed like the perfect solution.

    But on closer inspection it might not be..

    -Does the transcoder licence let you input 100s or 1000s of streams?
    -If it does, its going to be processing them? correct? its not going to have the cpu to do that

    What I want is to pass the raw stream into wowza and only process a single frame into a jpg when the client requests it. What is the best way to do this?

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    Take a look at this example:


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    Hi Richard,
    That example looks simple enough. I havent even installed wowza yet because I wasnt sure if its what i needed but Ill give this a go. Im sure ill have more questions later.

    Thanks for your help!

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