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Thread: Play stream with ffmpeg (ffplay)

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    Question Play stream with ffmpeg (ffplay)

    In our project we have to feed a VOD stream from Wowza to FFmpeg. The stream plays fine over RTMP, but I was wondering how that worked - what kind of request FFmpeg sends to Wowza etc. Essentially I want to be able to parse that request and return a file stream depending on the request string.

    I know that with a Flash client I could use method play() on a server module. Is there any such option for when the client is FFmpeg?

    Also, an interesting moment: when I have some directory structure under my 'content' folder, I can navigate it with FFmpeg just fine by submitting a request like the following:

    ffplay "rtmp://wowza:1935/vod/_definst_/some_dir_under_content/vod_file.flv"
    However, that doesn't work with a Flash client - says "Stream not found". Although the latter is not a problem at all (I can - and prefer to - use play() to juggle streams and files), I was just wondering what the difference was between how those clients communicate with Wowza.

    Any clarification would be much appreciated.
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