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Thread: Wowza Configuration for RSS-4000 Live streaming

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    Default Wowza Configuration for RSS-4000 Live streaming

    I'm new to Wowza, and currently have a server setup and working for on demand streaming. Ultimately we're looking to offer streaming services from our RSS-4000, upgraded to ver 8.0. The administrator for the RSS asked for some information to setup a test stream for one of our events that will be used for a test. I can't seem to find the information that he's asking, I've poured over the docs and the forums trying to find the info.

    We need the username and password, application, and instance.

    I believe that I have the username and password (admin.password / publish.password) and application (live), but where is the instance found?? Also if the other information is incorrect could someone assist me in correcting this? We're running a developers edition on a local box for testing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have a camera and live encoder for the event? Which live encoder are you using? If you have a webcam attached to a computer that is running Wirecast (for one example), which is live rtmp encoder, follow this guide:


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    Well as far as I know, our live encoder is the RSS-4000 (polycom unit at version 8.0) Do we need wirecast to live stream? I'm just trying to capture an event from the RSS and stream is out to the wowza for redistribution to web users. As stated before, we have the on demand streaming working.

    On the liive side here's our setup infor that I have:

    IP: x.x.x.142:1935
    Username: wowza1
    Password: wowza123
    Application Name: live
    Application Instance: default (none, we're not running additional streams per app, so I kept it defaulted)

    Now if I'm not mistaken, if the RSS administrator puts this info in the the RSS to send the stream to our Wowza server we should be able to view the live stream. Correct?

    I'm just using the internal example pages to view the stream at this point.

    I'm just trying to get a basic setup working to test for feasibility. We're trying to expand our audience reach with our live events by offering streaming content of the live events. We also need to know how this will impact bandwidth usage during the live event as we typically connect between 10-25 sites via polycom video confrencing equipment.

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    Re-start Wowza, then start the encoder and publish the stream. Then try to play it back in the Wowza example live RTMP player. If you do not see a stream, zip up and send the /conf and /logs folders to Include a link to this thread for reference.

    It is helpful during testing to run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode so that you can see log output in a console. This is RTMP or perhaps RTSP announce live stream, which are pushed to Wowza. When you start a live stream like this you should see a publish event in the logs. Do you see that in the console when you start the encoder?


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