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Thread: Live streaming to 50.000+ users

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    Question Live streaming to 50.000+ users

    Hi, I'm testing wowza for a while, my trial mode will expire soon. It's great so far. It's installed over an azure VM with 840 mbps throughput bandwidth and soon we have here a live project to stream to about 50.000 users during something like 2 hours. So I want to know if have some setup or some best practice to use wowza over some CDN (like azure, or amazon) to deal with this kind of scenario.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Take a look at the PushPublish package


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    Hello Richard, thanks for replying, I read all the stuff,
    I mean that I can not use transparency with all the resources of the wowza streaming in CDN, I have to limit myself to deliver a protocol?
    For a scenario that I wanted to deliver adaptive HTTP, Silverlight,
    Apple Devices and Android, only if I have edge servers? a scenario of 20 to 30 thousand connections,
    there is a diagram that I can follow to mount a series of VMs to meet this demand?
    The interesting thing for us is to have the resources we tested for the masses.
    In Azure have a limit of 8 cores per VM, 840MBs,

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