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Thread: How to collect edge server's connections count

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    Default How to collect edge server's connections count


    My customers publishing a stream to my origin server. And n edge server repeat the published stream. I want to limit connection count for published stream.

    For example:

    Connection limit of customer : 500
    Edge server count : 3

    Edge1 has : 150
    Edge2 has : 200
    Edge3 has : 100

    50 anyother client can connect to published stream. After that connections will be reject.

    I can do this with a httpProvider which is returning connection count on edge server for customer's stream then a cronjob collects this results from edge servers and update the db. But it is not efficient. Is there a way you can suggest ?

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    Take a look at this method:

    This just stops the Load Balancer Sender from referring clients to an edge server if it is over the connection limit.


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    But i am not usign wowza load balancer. My load balancer system is different from Wowza Load Balancer so i am not using Load Balancer .

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