I'm working with wowza devpay servers, they have been working fine with the configuration we've been using up until today.

After booting the server the wowza service seems to have crashed.

The wowzamediaserver_startup.log file is created and has exactly what I expect to see, same as a working server. however the error and access files are not created.

If I ssh into the machine I can run a /etc/init.d/WowzaMediaServer restart and the service starts just fine and works as expected (it does note that the current process cannot be found):

WowzaMediaServer: not running
WowzaMediaServer: starting                                 [  OK  ]
We are using ami-465edb2f

Is there any way to get more debug information or any log files to look at? this issue is fully reproducible so I can test out any suggestions. Thanks.