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Thread: sending a message back to the connecting client

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    Default sending a message back to the connecting client


    I'm quite new to the wowza module development, but nevertheless i'm tasked to create a few modules.
    So far it's been going rather well, and i find it quite easy to use the API.

    Just one small thing i can't seem to figure out.

    One of my modules has only 2 event functions

    public void onHTTPSessionCreate(IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession) {
    public void onRTPSessionCreate(RTPSession rtpSession) {
    In each of these, i either accept or reject session based on a GeoLite IP check. This works perfectly.
    But i'd like to send a custom error message back to the client when i reject a session (to explain why it was rejected). Is this possible?


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    There isn't a way to do this. You might call an HTTPProvider first to determine some status and send to the client, then start streaming.


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