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Thread: video on demand chunk size

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    Default video on demand chunk size

    Hi There,

    I am using Http Streaming for Video On Demand. Everything works well.
    Currently I got an issue that I wanna add a feature that can manually change bit rate.
    This is done and works, however the time that starts taking effect is around 6 seconds.
    I think this is determined by the chunk size. So I set the chunk size to 2 second, but it still doesn't work.
    I did change the property to this:


    Can someone explain or direct me to the right path?
    Thank you

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    You also have to adjust the key frame frequency. Take a look at this article:


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    Thank you Richard,

    What if I need to play different video files with different key frame frequencies, as the chuck size is set.

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    I don't think you can do it per session or per stream, but you can do per application instance something like this:

    appInstance().getLiveStreamPacketizerProperties().setProperty("cupertinoChunkDurationTarget", "10000");

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    Thank you Richard, I think I will stick with this

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