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Thread: Mpeg2 input. Can't transcode

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    Default Mpeg2 input. Can't transcode

    Hello. I am new user of wowza, and newbie in video streaming.
    I'm using trial wowza now.
    What i have:
    Mpeg2 (and mpeg4 part 10, but i dont using it now) input stream over RTP (or udp).
    VlC shows:
    Codec: Mpeg-1\2 video (mpgv)
    Resolution: 720x576
    Codec: MPEG Audio layer 1\2\3 (mpga)
    Channel: Stereo

    I had use this tut: to configure my stream. But it's doesn't work for me (i had open url: rtsp://[wowza-server-ip]:1935/live/ and there is nothing)

    Next i had use this tut:
    But VLC didnt open url: rtsp://[wowza-server-ip]:1935/live/mpegts.stream_720p , rtsp://[wowza-server-ip]:1935/live/mpegts.stream_720 (i changed resolution to 720x576 in template "transcode.xml"

    What i did wrong, and what i need to do to stream mpeg2 video

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    Your English is okay. Did you start in StreamManager? When the stream is started in StreamManager the Transcoder should start, and if you have LiveStreamPacketizers configured you will see log messages about packetizing for each of the Transcoder renditions. The source will not be playable because of the video codec.

    If the Transcoder does not start, check for log messages that say it is not supported on your system, otherwise check the configuration in your Application.xml

    It is helpful to run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode so that you can see log output in the console


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    Thank you Richard, i've started the stream but i have 1 problem with audio. I described it in this topic

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