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Thread: MPEGTS / RTP broadcast, assoicating a port with a specific application name?

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    Default MPEGTS / RTP broadcast, assoicating a port with a specific application name?

    When publishing to Wowza via MPEGTS/RTP, you have to specify a port Wowza will listen on. Wowza cannot share this port with a 2nd publisher. If a 2nd publisher attempted to publish on the same port, there will be a conflict (correct me if I'm wrong on any of these assumptions). Can we associate a given port with a given application name to prevent port conflicts for MPEGTS/RTP publishers?

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    This is not possible out of the box. It is possible (with some work) to write some code which listens for attempted publishing and if the application/port combination do not match block the attempt, but other than that not possible. I am not sure the mentioned method would be that useful in your scenario as the issue is more publishers sending data on the same port, rather than Wowza listening in a port ?


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    Thanks Andrew, yes the issue is multiple broadcasters publishing on the same Wowza port. My understanding is that if this happened, they could interrupt the broadcasts of another application (user). I suppose this could be approached at the OS level via custom firewall/routing rules?

    Perhaps app/port listening credentials is a feature to include in future releases of Wowza.

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    The problem is that the udp protocol that is used for stream delivery is only a simple push protocol, initiated from the sending end. When you server is listening on a specific port, any computer in the world that has a route to it can attempt to send data to that port. It is up to the application listening on the port to decide what is valid and what to ignore. You can use firewall rules to control which ip's can connect to which ports before the connection gets to the application.

    Wowza assumes that the data coming in o the port it is listening to is a stream that has been sent from a single source. It doesn't do any checking to determine if the source ip changes but it does try to handle invalid data where possible.

    If there is a stream running and a second starts which has similar settings then one or the other may work or it may alternate. It all depends on how similar the settings are. If the settings are too far different then neither will play or there will be strange things going on.

    If possible, have some sort of communication mechanism between the broadcaster and Wowza to determine what port to use. A method I have used in the past is to have the broadcaster make a request to wowza on a http provider and then wowza sets up the listening side of the connection and returns the port number to the broadcaster. This still doesn't stop other computers from sending data to the port but if you know your broadcasters, you can add them to teh firewall or have Wowza add a specific firewall rule dynamically.


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