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Thread: IRandomAccessReader doesn't trigger

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    Default IRandomAccessReader doesn't trigger


    I need to make Wowza stream MP4 files which are not directly accessible to the server.

    In order to validate this idea, I browsed Wowza forum for an information and found a sample of FileRandomAccessReader plugin provided by Wowza staff together with the server side installation instructions.

    I downloaded Wowza IDE2, compiled FileRandomAccessReader sample with FileRandomAccessReader.jar created in server home\lib folder and I can run Wowza server from the debugger and stream some usual content to a connected flash player client via rtmp.

    The address line I feed into the flash player is "rtmp://localhost/test/mp4:00000246.mp4" where "test" is the application/folder name.

    I didn't change the original package and class names in Java code and following the instructions, corrected <MediaReader> configuration lines in server home\conf\test\Application.xml file:

      <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/MediaReaders.xml for any MediaReaders loaded by this applications -->
    Then I re-started server from Wowza IDE again and tried to stream file from the same location as before, "rtmp://localhost/test/mp4:00000246.mp4" and it streams as before and FileRandomAccessReader doesn't get triggered.

    I don't have very much experience with Wowza architecture, so could I bother you to advise what am I doing wrong please?

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi Serge,

    The property name needs to be randomAccessReaderClass.

    This example is just showing how to access files from outside the Wowza directory structure. Ideally, they should be on the same machine.

    If you need to do serious streaming from other locations then you would be better to use the Wowza MediaCache. It is a fully maintained plugin designed specifically for the purpose.

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    Thank you very much Roger, it helped!

    Sorry for a late response,

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