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Thread: Audio Only Transcoding Icecast/Shoutcast MP3 to AAC. How to?

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    Default Audio Only Transcoding Icecast/Shoutcast MP3 to AAC. How to?

    Hi Guys

    I've spent alot of time on Wowza and it does alot for us. I just cannot for the life of me get this particular solution to work.

    We are running Wowza Media Server 3 Monthly Edition 3.1.1 build1479 and I want to restream an Icecast MP3 stream and ALSO transcode it to AAC.

    My application.xml file in the conf/<application> folder has the stream type as shoutcast to get the stream to deliver. I have a <application>.stream file with the icecast details in.

    This stream works fine.

    Now the part that bugs me is the transcoding.

    I've set the following values in the application.xml file:
    <Templates>"<application>".xml</Templates> (without the quotes, and <application> is actually the application name I put there ie teststream.xml)

    The template is based on what Charlie posted here:

    But without the mainconcept parameters, because our Wowza server is not yet patched to the required version.

    So in my mind the following URL should work:

    rtmp://<wowza IP>:1935/<application>/mp4:<application>.stream_aac

    But it doesn't.

    Is there something I'm missing?

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    Have you disable the video portion, since it is audio only? Show the template you are using.

    Run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) so you can see log output in the console. What renditions are actually created? "<application>.stream_acc" doesn't seem right, unless you named your stream the same as the application. What does Wowza show it is transcoding?


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    Here is the template that I'm using:

    <!-- Example template for audio only transcoding to AAC from any support audio codec -->
    			<!-- Example Encode block for source, not required unless Member of StreamNameGroup. --> 
    					<!-- H.264, PassThru, Disable -->
    					<!-- AAC, PassThru, Disable -->
    I'll feed back on the wowza output a bit later. This is a production machine so I can't stop it and start it at random.

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