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Thread: Periodic signals instead of audio in mpegts stream

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    Default Periodic signals instead of audio in mpegts stream

    Hello, I have following problem:
    I transcode mpeg2 / mp3 in h.264/AAC and stream it to "live" application (followed tutorial "mpegts stream"). Stream was working, but instead of audio there were periodic audio signals. So I had use the troubleshooting guide with audio, such as "MPEG-TS Missing Audio", "Video and Audio out of Sync". Tried together or separately. Nothing helped. Then I set up nDvr, and found that after a while, I heard the audio, but still periodic signals were and muted the audio during the signals. Plz, tell me what to do.

    UPD: here is the link to my stream
    UPD2: I noticed that with appearance of audio in background and periodic signals occurs without nDvr. So it is working randomly.. But after restart wowza audio disapear..
    UPD3: I noticed that rtsp:// (in vlc player) have audio, but no video. in "" file i wrote: udp://@ . From my encoder i'm sending mpeg-2 video over udp (also could over rtp, but when i wrote rtp:// in *.stream nothing happend) to wowza
    UPD4: I changed my encoder to mpeg4 part 10 (avc) (h264), and now i have video and audio in vlc rtsp:// (just tested)
    UPD5: Checked media info of source (before wowza) in mpeg2:
    codec: MPEG-1/2 (mpgv)
    resolution: 720x480
    Freq: 50;
    codec: MPEG Audio layer 1/2/3 (mpga)
    channels: stereo
    ...: 48000
    Bitrate: 128kb

    So, i understand that wowza can't transcode MPEG Audio layer 1/2/3?

    I recorded the stream followng this instruction:
    This time i was lucky, coz recorded with audio in background with those "bips".
    Record here (with audio and "bips"):
    Record here (with "bips" just):
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    The Wowza Transcoder can decode MPEG-1 Layer 1/2, otherwise it is not supported.


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    Thank you for response. So how i could transcode my input for wowza? Could you help me?

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