I want to understand what is the difference between forceReset, resetMediaCasterStream.

1) I tried both methods here is what i am seeing. If a stream has issue, using forceReset stops the stream immediately on rtsp and ios players. when player is restarted the stream is available again. On the other hand, stopMediaCasterStream stops the stream after 5-10 secs on players, so if i do a startMediaCasterStream within this delay, it doesn't break the players and the crashed stream is available again.

2) Also resetMediaCasterStream says stream not found even though the stream is available as stopMediaCasterStream works on the same stream. Is it really resetting the mediaCaster stream ? why do i get this message ?

ApplicationInstance.resetMediaCasterStream[[appInstance]/_definst_]: Stream not found: mp4:[streamName].

will resetMediaCasterStream help me overcome the issue i mentioned in (1).