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Thread: How to still download when pause ?

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    Lightbulb How to still download when pause ?


    I'm using Wowza Media Server 3.5 on Linux server. I use rtmpe to streaming movie HD 720p
    Currently, I have a problem, I saw that, when client press Pause button on player then Movie will be stop download. So, If client has slow connection then who can't watch the movie on our server.
    I want to like Movie still download when i pause (When I use lighttpd + mod_h264 then movie still download when i press pause).

    Currently, I'm using jwplayer with Wowza Media Server 3.5.
    What's the best solution for my problem ?


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    Wowza Media Server "streams" the data. It does not do a progressive download which is what some streaming websites use.

    You could possibly write some custom code for the player you're using which would allow you to pause the stream (in the player) but not sent the pause request to Wowza so that you will continue to receive the data which will be buffered in the player itself. You will have to set the maximum buffer in the player so that you don't loose the data as Wowza will not stop if the request isn't sent which can be set in the custom code you will need to write for this to work.


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