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Thread: Live streaming to multiple devices - Can't figure this out

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    Question Live streaming to multiple devices - Can't figure this out

    After i spent hours reading and trying everything that I could, I decide that was better to ask for help.
    The goal "appears to be simple": I need to setup a live streaming that people will be able to watch from their iOS, Android devices and PC's.

    I started with this guide:

    I did everything it suggests.
    After that, I setup flash media encoder 3.2 as following:

    I started Wowza and this worked on my iPad as expected:

    After that, I went to installation folder and opened the following player:

    On the stream field I entered:

    It also worked.

    So, here is the problem:

    This same url that worked on the demo player doesn't work anywhere else.
    I tried VideoJs, JW Player and other 2 I found on the guides that i don't even remember the exact names (one from adobe though).

    I must be doing something wrong.
    Here is my code for JW Player:


                <div id='player_449'></div>
                <script type='text/javascript'>
                        file: "rtmp://",
                        width: "480",
                        height: "270",
                        image: "",
                        modes: [
                            { type: 'html5' },
                            { type: 'flash', src: '/plugins/jwplayer/jwplayer.flash.swf' },
                            { type: 'download' }
    Players will give me errors like: unsuported video format or, can't connect to the server, or... just stay black.
    By the way, everything is running on the same box (Windows 7). The page running the players is hosted on IIS7.

    What i need:
    Since iOS is already working, I need one player for Android and PC. I was trying to avoid flash but it appears that wowza doesn't have support to HTML5 players, right?

    I really appreciate any help on this.

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    For iOS use HTTP url ending in "playlist.m3u8" not RTMP ending in "manifest.f4m" which is for Flash HTTP/sanjose streaming . So change this:

    To this:
    Here is an example:


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    Hi Richard;
    Thanks for the quick response.
    If you take a closer look at my post you will notice that I got iOS covered already:

    I started Wowza and this worked on my iPad as expected:
    My question here is how do I target Android devices and PC's because as I said, the url that works on the player that is installed with wowza, won't work on the other players (see detailed information on the previous post).

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    Reading your post again, it sounds like you tested iOS but were not able to do it with JW Player, which makes sense because it was not configured correctly. In any case, for Android we recommend RTSP streaming. I don't think JW Player or Flowplayer support RTSP or Android devices. Some Android devices might support Flash RTMP and HTTP, others might support HLS, but these players are not able to sort that out, and we have heard mixed reviews on these features in the Android versions they are supposed to be supported in.


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    It is possible to sniff out Android devices, etc

    And you can do this in your application sever with user-agent in the HTTP header when you are forming the playback URL and/or player, which is better because some users turn off javascript.


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    which makes sense because it was not configured correctly
    Can you tell me what exactly was not configured correctly?
    Assuming iOS is already working, you already gaving an opinion about Android, what about windows pc? As I said, the only thing that worked was iOS (typing the url directly on the browser).
    So, I definitelly need help setting up a player.

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    Again, the JW Player mark-up is not right, that rtmp://...manifest.f4m url does not work in JW player. You need to use the same HTTP URL that worked directly in iOS in your test for the JW Player playback on iOS devices. Flowplayer supports sanjose.


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    I think I got you confused.
    As I said many times, I'm done with iOS, iOS is working already.
    I'm not trying to get JW Player to work on iOS. the reason I need an embedded player player is for windows and mac.
    That markup I posted is being tested (as I said), on the same box where Wowza is installed, wich is a Windows Server PC.
    When I saiy the players are not working, I'm talking about Chrome and IE on a Windows PC.

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    JW Player doesn't support sanjose (Adobe HTTP, manifest.f4m). It supports rtmp or iOS.

    For rtmp, jw5 streamer: rtmp://, file: MyStream.
    For rtmp jw6, the rtmp url is all one line. rtmp://


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    it's working now:
    file:  rtmp://

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