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Thread: On Demand Workflow - producing mp4 files

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    Default On Demand Workflow - producing mp4 files


    I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this:

    We have to deal with live and on-demand content.
    Once a week we have a live broadcast. When the vent is done, we need it to be available on-demand.

    Besides the event, once in a while we will need to capture and upload a file from a tape or dvd.

    Everything was easy when we had live content only with flash live media encoder.
    But now I believe that we have to deal with mp4 files for on demand right? But FLM doesn't save as mp4, so, what's recommended?

    I looked at wrirecast but is way out of our budget.

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    You can change the application from "live" to "live-record" which will save all the content from the live event (triggered by publish/unpublish) to the /content/ folder.
    It will be saved as a .flv or .mp4 file.

    If you want to you can choose the file type and other options like copy location using this guide,

    If you would like more functionality involved for recording you can use the live record module found here,


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    Also note that with StreamType "live-record", if you add "mp4:" prefix to the stream name in your live encoder settings (or stream name in StreamManager if are you using MediaCaster source) and the video is h.264 and the audio is AAC or MP3, then Wowza will record to a quicktime container with .mp4 extension. So stream name "mp4:myStream" is recorded to a file named myStream.mp4


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    That's great, thanks a lot guys.
    What about video produced/edited on my computer, are there any specials instructions on how I should encoder it, so after upload it wpuld be available to "any device (mobile and pcs)"?

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    Yes, we have a guide here:

    One encode for all possible players/devices is possible, but you are going to get the lowest common encode.


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