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Thread: Questions about protocol bandwith overhead / bandwith usage

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    Default Questions about protocol bandwith overhead / bandwith usage


    1)How much is the bandwith overhead for the different protocols in order to initiate the connection and keep the connection alive?

    -rtmpt (some speak about 10%, other 15-20%)
    -hds (san jose)
    -hls (cuppertino)

    I am unable to find any specific documentation/figures about this .

    2)What happens if a user "seeks" in a vod item? I assume that the skipped content also needs to be downloaded? Is this correct?

    Any help is appreciated

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    1) The bandwidth overhead is not significantly different for the different protocols. RTMPT has increased server overhead, and each packetizer has its server overhead, but the amount of video and audio data streamed to the clients is about the same.

    2) No, that describes progressive download. With streaming the part you skip over when you seek is not downloaded. The part you do play is not downloaded, which implies saved to disk, either.


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