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Thread: Screen stop but Audio still running ?

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    Default Screen stop but Audio still running ?


    I'm using Wowza Media Server & MediaCache for Server streaming (CentOS 6.3)
    It's streamed movie HD 720p.
    CPU: E3-1230
    RAM: 16GB
    HDD: 4x2TB SATA 2 WD RE4 (Raid 1+0 Apdatec E6805)
    SSD: 2x120 GB SATA 3 (for caching)

    Currently, online ~ 700Mbps and Line 1Gbps

    We have a big problem: our clients sometimes got "lag": Screen stop but Audio still running ?

    Please help me solve or suggest a solution. Thanks and sorry for bad english.

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    With the audio still running it sounds more like a bandwidth issue rather than a server or MediaCache configuration issue.

    Your service provider may be contenting the bandwidth leaving you with less than expected.
    You will always loose about 20% which nothing can be done about leaving you with 800Mbps on average from a 1Gbps connection.

    As you are not far off the 800Mbps average limit it may be that you are ready for your next server.


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