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Thread: Best solution for Publishing Camera to Wowza Server

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    Default Best solution for Publishing Camera to Wowza Server

    Hi all,
    I am the embedded engineer in charge of writing the camera streaming part to Wowza Server.
    Right now, I have 2 separate elementary video and audio streams output from camera. The video codec is h264 and the audio codec is amr. Both using gstreamer plugins and for audio codec I can use other codec as long as it supported by gstreamer (video is fixed)

    I also have the built-in rtsp server (written using gstreamer) to stream locally. Using VLC in LAN I have no problem playing it.

    Now, I have a new request to support remote viewing on WEB, iOS and Android (except WEB we use jwplayer, both iOS and Android built inhouse using ffmpeg library). Also the Wowza server can work as a relay server to bypass all proxies and NAT problems (in that scenario, the camera will act as a publisher client to stream data to Wowza Server).

    From what I study on FAQ and tutorial, WOWZA supports rtsp publish but it requires to open a lot of ports on camera which cant be done.

    So is there any other solution for that that can satisfy the request above?

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    For RTSP streaming over TCP you only have to open TCP port 554 in your server firewall and mapped if necessary in your network to the server where Wowza is installed. For UDP you should open UDP port 0 - 65535 likewise. It is not necessary to add ports to the camera. Take a look at these guides:


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    Hi lqkhoi,
    can you contact me at ? Thanks

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