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Thread: Programatically unpublish/stop an incoming stream

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    Default Programatically unpublish/stop an incoming stream

    I have discovered a bug in an existing client application which I need to workaround

    To solve it, I need to programatically stop and unpublish an incoming RTSP stream on the server side.

    Given an instance of IMediaStream, which I have, how can I trigger the 'unpublish' event so that it closes down, stops recording, etc cleanly?

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    All you need is the application instance and the name of the stream to use the MediaCaster api to stop a stream:


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    You can add something like this:
    IMediaStream .getRTPStream().getSession().shutdown()
    Be sure to wrap this into a try/catch block to ensure that any exceptions are caught.


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    Didn't try the first but the second option works great. thanks.

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