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Thread: Server and hosting for a video chat

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    Question Server and hosting for a video chat


    We're developing a one-to-one video chat application in Flex. We're currently using Adobe Cirrus to connect the peers. However, not all of the peers will be able to connect via RTMFP (due to firewall restrictions etc.) so we'll need to be able to fall back to RTMP going through a server. We're looking for a server/hosting combination that will work for us here.

    The options we're considering are:

    1. Going full FMS hosting with a company like Influxis. We'll use FMS for both the peer rendezvous and for RTMP fallback.


    a). Transparent RTMP fallback from the code perspective
    b). FMS can act as an RTMFP relay for the peers that have UDP enabled but end-to-end media path is not possible
    c). FMS P2P rendezvous can definitely be used for deployment, whereas it's not as clear with Cirrus.


    a). Price.

    2. Continuing to use Cirrus for peer rendezvous while using Wowza + EC2 for RTMP fallback.


    a). Price
    b). Ability to take advantage of the Wowza trial and development licenses during the development period.


    a). May still have to buy FMS for peer rendezvous due to Cirrus licensing restrictions
    b). Wowza can't act as an RTMFP relay. This doesn't seem too critical though?
    c). The fallback to RTMP may not be as transparent from code perspective, but this is manageable.

    Are we right in our assumptions? Are there other important factors we haven't considered? Any input is much appreciated!

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    I don't have experience with FMS rtmfp. It is correct that Wowza does not support rtmfp


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