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Thread: Transcoding not working in my case/major help

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    Default Transcoding not working in my case/major help

    can anybody please help me. I am loosing my mind over this. It could be me that I dont understand the instructions but I made all changes on the transcoder and transrate.xml examples and still cant do multibirate from my encoder. Also do I add the transcode and trasrate app to my aplication.xml folder or I leave it in the example folder? Last I am getting invalid FMS Stream Name. When I set all 3 different bitrates. So many steps to follow that this is driving me crazy. Thanks for your help.

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    Change the stream name to "%mmqueenstv" or "mmqueenstv%", because you have several bit rates defined. Then each one will be 1mmqueenstv and 2mmqueenstv, etc.


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    do I do this in the encoder or the the transcoding file? Also on the transcode and transrate.xml in what directory or file I put the one I edit?

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    You do that in FMLE. It is what that error message is saying to do.

    Put your templates in the same folder as the examples that ship with Wowza


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