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Thread: packet loss during RTP live streaming

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    Default packet loss during RTP live streaming

    I build a custom RTP streamer for wowza. Wowza consumes RTP packets and play video/audio data. But packets becomes a loss after some period. For instance it can play 5 minutes and everything is fine but then drop 100 packets. Probably this is the encoder issue. But discovering a wowza log shows something like this:

    server WARN 200 - RTPDePacketizerWrapperPacketSorter.packetLoss\[live/_definst_/1.sdp:video]: last:13066 curr:25584
    server WARN 200 - RTPDePacketizerWrapperPacketSorter.packetLoss\[live/_definst_/1.sdp:video]: last:63732 curr:14634

    When I opened a WhireShark it shows that packets with numbers 63732 - 14634 and from 13066 till 25584 was transmitted.
    Have somebody faced this problem?
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