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Thread: Stream Name Alias Problems

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    Default Stream Name Alias Problems

    I just installed this module exactly as the read me file instructs. I then rebooted my entire server (was not sure if I needed to do this or just stop & restart WMS) but unfortunately this is not working for me. I am streaming via RTMP protocol not live (VOD).

    Does the test license of Wowza allow for these modules to be added?

    I am trying to use play alias file example #3:

    # Map one stream to another

    However, let's say my actual media file is stored in the content folder as 'media.mp4' and I wish to map it to the name of 'xyz_media.mp4'.

    So in my file I have this mapped as: media.mp4=xyz_media.mp4

    Then on my webpage player I have the file listed as: href="mp4:xyz_media.mp4" and I also tried as href="xyz_media.mp4", but the file cannot be found, and what's more bizarre is that my other test files NOT included in the stream name alias module DO play; these were from PRIOR to installing the module.

    So does this possibly mean that the module itself is not working at all?

    Also, do I still want to reference the 'mp4:' within the webpage as href="mp4:xyz_media.mp4" or without as href="xyz_media.mp4"?

    One more thing, whenever I add modules to Wowza do I want to shutdown & restart Wowza using the normal service commands as follows - I am running WMS as a service, not standalone:

    /sbin/service WowzaMediaServer stop
    /sbin/service WowzaMediaServer start

    Thanks, Justin
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    The alias goes on the left. The stream name on the right has to be an actual file (or live stream in a live application). Also, you should add the mp4: prefix in this case:
    If the application is not running when you add the module you do not have to re-start Wowza; and you can repload one application with JConsole but for practical purposes, especially during testing, it is easiest and best to re-start Wowza after making application configuration changes.


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    Default I have resolved this issue - thank you!

    The overall resolution to this issue was that in order for me to use the Stream Name Alias, I had to duplicate the same Application.xml file not only in the main conf, but ALSO in the VOD conf. I think that this should be better documented within the actual Stream Name Alias main thread - as I think this would have solved much grief if just a simple notation was made within that stated such.

    In addition of course, I did have to make the aliasplay file names to be pre-pended with the mp4:

    Thank you, Justin
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    This is documented in the QuickStart Guide:


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