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    I am nearly done developing my Wowza project with great satisfaction. Thank you.

    Now I am concerned with the detailed specifications for what video files does Wowza support?
    I read in the documentation it supports MOV, M4V, MP4 and a few others.

    What I am interested in is, are there are factors other than file extension to do with whether Wowza can play something or not?

    For example, I tried synthesizing movie files with iMovie on the Mac and it took me a lot of attempts to find the right configuration (file format, encoding etc.) to get Wowza to play the file.

    I am not a ffmpeg poweruser, but from what I understand, there are more factors other than file type behind the scenes. Which of these is relevant and what options does Wowza support regarding these factors?

    Obviously if you have it all written down somewhere, that would be ideal. I couldn't find anything detailed other than this:

    Happy new year!

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    Wowza supports h.264 video and AAC or MP3 audio in a "QuickTime container", e.g. .mp4, .mov .etc.

    For devices, simpler encoding is recommened: Baseline 3 profile or lower. It is a good idea to avoid other complex encoding parameters, such as b-frames. These FFmpeg and Expression 4 Encoder examples should be helpful as a starting place or reference.


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