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Thread: When to scale out?

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    Default When to scale out?

    Besides checking the general system cpu/ram usage, is there a better way or [preferred] Wowza server side API to determine realtime outgoing bandwidth speed and usage or just general bandwidth monitors?

    How many streams per server? Is this outgoing or incoming or both as from from a bandwidth point of view it is basically the same data that is just forwarded to clients?

    How many viewers/subscribers per stream?

    Is there server side API or similar to determine when a server is at capacity and trigger some warning/event before instance/server crash to know before hand?

    In the FAQ it shows stress test results and is listed at 1600 streams, but it does not say if it 1 incoming stream and 1599 viewers/subscribers to that stream (or irrelevant as my previous bandwidth comment)

    Basically I want to know general rule of thumb, algorithm each server supports X users per server and Y viewers per stream.

    I understand it is listed as "unlimited" and depends on bandwidth (assume standard single 1gig nic card) but I need real numbers so I can plan/purchase the necessary hardware/licenses and know when to scale out.

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    We have a load test tool to help determine a server's and its network's capacity.

    With the load test tool simulating load you will look at your server and network load through OS tools.

    One rule-of-thumb is that bandwidth is usually the limiting factor. There is about 20% overhead on nic capacity. So a 1gbs nic has about 800mbs throughput, which can serve about 800 clients a 1mbs stream, etc.


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    Is this the type of support I should That is not a rule of thumb and is already listed all over this forum and I believe in the FAQ as well.

    Please re-read my question and answer it correctly, not paste the same response I have seen over 10 times:

    You say it can "serve about 800 clients" - again, is that incoming or outgoing?

    How many viewers per stream?

    What "OS tools" are you referring to? Can you even list a few names?

    What does the load tester tool? Does it only simulate X rtmp connections? I already have software I written to do this.

    If this is the type of "support" you offer to customers I will take my business elsewhere

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