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Thread: How to hide location of media server in HTML5

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    Default How to hide location of media server in HTML5


    I have been using flash for many years, and have always been able to hide the location of both my wowza media server and the location of my media files on that server by hiding that information it in the compiled swf video client. I've done this to try to avoid bandwidth leeching. I understand that there are likely ways to find the server and hit it directly, but this has made it harder for the casual surfer to find this information. I haven't seen a good way to do this with HTML5. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be done?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You can develop an iOS player with objective-c to similarly obfuscate the url. It would be better to secure your server. Take a look at the Security Overview


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    There really isn't a way ti hide this information. I suppose you could use a webservice call to fetch the server info after the page loads (so the information is not in the page source), but since all modern browsers have network inspectors, the info will show up there.

    In the end, security by obscurity is no security at all. I'd sooner consider securing the wowza application from abuse.

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